All over the world, Mercedes-Benz vans will be found in the top ranks of both commercial and private market segments. In order to improve product communication through all important channels such as brochures or web presences, and to produce product information on sales that is more uniform and more efficient, the company was looking for a central content partner. And found DGM.


Our solution: intelligent content management. Because the provision of a unified product content is now achieved with the help of a “tailor-made” box of text modules which provides not only the tonality of the various media but also the correct appeal to the various different target groups. Here DGM took over not only the conception but also, jointly with the experts from DGM Context, the production of the entire text.

Alongside the centralized production of these contents, “day-to-day business” mainly consists of production, up-dating and care of material in the various communication channels. This includes the conception and design of brochures for end-users and sales staff in addition to looking after the entire web content. In addition to these content-management tasks in various different systems we also support a variety of communication measures. The content and design implementation of all product brochures as well as the conception and implementation of entire series and individual topics on the web are also done via DGM.


  • Consistent visual and textual content in all leading media
  • High degree of efficiency in working out, translating, matching and updating the content
  • Centralized production of product texts
  • Production or provision of all visual contents for the main media