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The simplest things are often the most difficult. But they are also the most effective. This applies both to good ideas and to good software development. By using the latest methods, technologies and architectures, we at DGM transparently transform complex issues into individual software solutions. For doing this we rely on an agile procedure and make use, among other things, of Java a well-established programming language. The applications are implemented with the help of well-known frameworks and technologies.

The latest technologies
for marketing in all sectors

Industry 4.0 is releasing a digital wave of intense efficiency and innovation not only in industrial production. Also in “downstream” marketing digital tools are already paving the way for innovative and effective working methods which can be used in an overarching way throughout all sectors.

For even in B2B marketing, the number of communication channels is constantly increasing, and the structures of partners in distribution and trade are becoming more and more complex. Even better, then, whenever simple-to-use software solutions permit standardizations and shortcuts in this context.

Languages, standards and services

For our customers from highly divergent sectors we develop individual and tailor-made software solutions with the following technologies and frameworks:

  • Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Core, …)
  • AngularJS
  • JPA (Hibernate)
  • Microservices
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Java, PHP, Groovy

The applications follow the latest architectural approaches in order to fulfil the current demands made on flexibility, security and presentation by the widest possible variety of terminals.

Applications, opportunities and tools

and tools

Das Dienstleistungsspektrum unserer Software-Lösungen ermöglicht unter anderen folgende Leistungen im Bereich „Software“:

  • Befragungs- und Auswertungstools
  • Websites/Webspecials
  • 3-D-Visualisierungen
  • Software-Entwicklung/Apps
  • Werbemittel-Konfiguratoren