Lechler is Europe’s No. 1 in nozzle technology and a world market leader for nozzles of every type, shape and size. In order to give a visual impression of the huge variety of applications for its range of products and to present Lechler’s many versatile competences, DGM developed, in 2017, an integrated image presentation: looking both inwards for its employees and outwards for customers and multipliers.


Intensive research, photo shootings, days of filming and the search for suitable visual material for the new image presentation was all carried out, coordinated and implemented by us. Internal communication began in Summer 2017. Time was needed to discover the effects of this before external communication followed in Spring 2018 with an image brochure and a company film. In addition, DGM regularly updates all Lechler product and sales brochures such as the brochure for the food sector as well as implementing trade-fair appearances and supporting sales with a wide range of other ad media.


  • Company claim
  • Brand brochure for employees
  • Brand brochure for customers
  • Company film
  • Product brochures
  • Product catalogues
  • Product presentation as CGI
  • Trade-fair appearances