Kuwait is an important market for Mercedes-Benz in the Near East. As far back as the 1950s, A. R. Albisher & Z. Alkazemi (A&A) pioneered the Swabian premium brand in the region – and they have continued to do so through many periods of change. Of course this market works quite differently from any European one: here the E Class is positioned for the core target group “successful women”, the C Class for young people up to 30, to mention only two examples of the difference. For precisely this reason the local management asked DGM, as connoisseurs of the brand and also as an agency that is familiar with the region, to tailor individual campaigns, promotions and digital sales measures for this market. A tightrope walk which, since 2011, we have always been pleased to undertake and which has brought sales success for A&A.


In order to introduce a variety of vehicle models to the region and to support sales, DGM developed various cross-media campaigns which had to match both the corporate identity of the brand and also the “glamour factor” of the region. The most important media: printed advertisements and billboards, point-of-sale ad media, mobile microsites, the first “auto app” in the region as well as emotion-stimulating videos for Instagram and Facebook.


  • Campaigns with unusual optical elements and clear ideas
  • Considerable increase in market share and sales targets exceeded
  • EA considerable “professionalization” of the marketing measures in terms of planning, creation, implementation and evaluation
  • Use of innovative media such as the first interactive app in the region as well as the first calendar with augmented reality